Shear Boredom

The spelling of shear was intentional.


This post will just be a waste of time, which is what I need to do right now. We are in the middle of the 4th snow storm in 7 days. Another day of work lost. Another day of either shoveling or paying my neighbor with the plow. There is about 2 feet of snow already left from past storms. The expected amount of this storm will be over 6 inches where I live. On a mountain in Orange County NY where we get more snow than people just 1,000 feet lower in elevation.

My son has just started having seizures recently. He is on anti-seizure medication, which gave him an allergic reaction. So had to take him off it. Waiting on the Doctor to prescribe something new, but meanwhile scared to death he will have a seizure.

I am sooooo done with this Winter and all this snow. I can’t wait for the Yankees spring training games to start. My grill and patio set seem like they will never be used again for a nice BBQ. Covered in snow! Will this stuff ever melt? It doesn’t seem that it will.

Well I think I am going to go out and shovel a layer of snow before it gets too deep. Deja vu all over again.

State of the union prepost

The state of the union is tonight.


Looks like we are in for a long drawn out teleprompter reading from B.O.. Does anyone expect him to apologize for anything? Does anyone really care what he says? Will anyone believe anything he says?

His arrogance proceeds him. He does not feel he needs to apologize for anything! Not for the lies about Obamacare (which he didn’t know about). Not for NSA spying (which he didn’t know about). Not for Benghazi  (which he didn’t know about) and hasn’t really even mentioned since it happened. Not for Fast and Furious  (which he didn’t know about). Not for the IRS scandal  (which he didn’t know about).  Not for the unemployment number cooking  (which he didn’t know about I assume as well).

What do I want to hear during the speech? Well his resignation, but I will assume that is not going to happen. I would also like some apologies. But my guess is that isn’t going to happen.

No worries about the economy now! Everything is much better now, thanks to him. Plus he is gonna improve it by changing the minimum wage for government contractors to $10/hr. So the taxpayers will pay more for workers with no skill sets now. Income inequality? No, the new buzz words will be economic opportunities. Why can’t democrats just let rich people be rich? Such stupidity.

I should go into great detail here. This is really my first post since re-launching spagsweb. But I wont…. I will probably follow up after the speech on Wednesday. Cant wait to see how many lies he tries to cram down our throat.

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